Amanda and Kyle’s Woodland Wedding

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post EVER!! I cannot wait to share my favorite moments and photos with you all! I always wish I could share more on social media platforms, so gosh, this is just perfect! To start things off, I thought I’d share a wedding I took within these past few months of my dear friends Amanda and Kyle.

I met Amanda 4 years ago when we were college students at the University of Southern Maine. She was always one of my favorite people I had met because not only did she intrigue me with her two pet ferrets and infinite amount of fun knowledge, but that she never had fear in being exactly who she was. She was and is that fun, fact filled, quirky kind of gal that you can’t help but love! It wasn’t too much later that I met her boyfriend…Kyle! I loved him just as fast as I did Amanda, they’re both two very positively infectious people! And truthfully, I don’t think I had ever met two people more meant to be than these two!! The way they laughed like they’d been best friends for years, the looks exchanged between the two of them when the other wasn’t looking, they were and are the kind of couple that just makes sense. 

When they asked me to photograph their wedding I of course squealed to myself!! Not only was I so honored, but I was beyond excited that I got to watch this magic take place, heck, I got to document this magic!! I wasn’t surprised, and was in fact quite thrilled to hear that their wedding would be taking place at a non-profit conservatory called “ Tin Mountain Conservation Center” in New Hampshire. I’m always one for woodland scenes, and most importantly, it was SO them.

Their wedding was an intimate setting as they perched up on a rock placed in the center of the isle with everyone they love surrounding it. They exchanged vows that sounded as though they were read from a romantic poetry collection where tears flooded the space. This was love. In its real raw form. I was so entranced that I needed to snap out of it and remind myself that it was my very important job to capture these fleeting moments!! But my goodness, with a love like theirs it was difficult not to give them my full attention.

I hope you can feel at least half of the love I did being in their presence through some of my favorite shots throughout their very special day. Enjoy!!