What is soulful love?

Soulful love is subtle and lives in the quiet moments of your love. It’s rich and often caught in an instance. It’s the type of love that is found when eyes meet, reaching deeper than the depths of the sea. This love is a connection more profound than words can relay. It’s expressed in one touch, one occurance.. two souls joining in synchrony, an endless dance together until the ends of the earth. This love never goes unnoticed. Soulful love is overflowing; it’s a feeling, a belonging, and a truth.

Golden glow &

Love filled souls

Hi! It’s me, Katie! I want to share a little bit about my passion and heart behind photography with you! To me, taking photos is so much more than just snapping away at what may look “insta worthy.” My heart goes much deeper than that. I live for the in between moments and capturing the raw genuine emotion that sparks when no one is looking. My approach is inspired by the golden glow of the setting sun with its warmth and ease, using nature as part of our canvas. I have a wandering soul and a steady heart for delivering lasting memories that will transport you back in time to your most magical moments for years to come. And that is just a quick snap shot into how truly honored I feel to be chosen by you to capture these once in a lifetime moments. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to embark on this adventure together!