• Hello! It’s me, the one behind the lens!
  • Meet Lulu!! She brings lots of joy. (:
  • Did I mention I LOVE traveling?!

    Did I mention I LOVE traveling?!

  • This is my brand new husband and I love him so!
  • Portland, Maine. The beautiful place I get to call home!
  • I’m part owner of a wedding venue called Barn Lights! Dream come true? Yes!

Hi! I’m Katie, and I am so happy to have you here.

I grew up in a sweet little town in the wooded land of southern Maine and am thankful to still call it home! I’ve since changed my scenery from Maine woods to Maine coast in the grand city of Portland with my fluffy bunny, Lulu.

While photography fuels my heart and soul, so do these:

My other half

I never thought it would be true for me, but…when you know, you really do just know! After 9 months of dating I said yes to the love of my life and I haven’t looked back since! He is truly a gift. 

My sweet bunny, Lulu

I have a free roam bunny who hops about the house. Truly amazing, I know.

Mountains and nature and flowers, oh my!

There is nothing more peaceful to my soul than being out in nature. It always seems to ground me no matter the head space I’m in. I think nature has this power over me because of how present I feel God is in it. When I look around and see flowers sprinkled up and down mountain sides I can’t help but smile knowing the creator behind it.


One of my all time favorite outlets and just all around fun time!!! You can find me dancing at 7am to whenever the sun goes down…dancing is my JAM. Is it often a struggle not to bust a move at your receptions? Yes, yes it is. 


Oh man, just seeing the word “travel” makes me want to run to pack a bag. There is nothing like it. I love different cultures and seeing the creativity of the world! I just don’t believe we’re meant to stay in one spot and never see what the world has before us! Travel is something that ignites and inspires my spirit, it always has and always will!


I know this is a broad term but there’s no better way to put it! I simply love to create. Old chair left on the road? I shall take it, sand it, and paint it. Drawing, pottery, creating that image inside my head with wonderful couples like yourselves? Yes! Any sort of creating, I love it! 

So now that you know a little bit about me, I want to know you!

If you think we would create wonderful things together head on over to my contact page and let me know. I can’t wait to hear about your one and only soul fueling love. I so look forward to meeting you.